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How to choose the right mobile phone for you

So you need a new phone... Do you remember the brick-sized bag phones of the 1990s which we used to call mobile phones? Those were the times when pagers were cool, walkmans were high tech wonders and your TV was top of the line if it was a colour one. Luckily, those times are gone for good.

When it comes to mobile phones, there is some pretty cool stuff out there. They come with a wide range of features available, such as touch screens and cameras, which in turn make them among the most confusing products to buy. You may either purchase a handset outright or get it free or at low cost as a part of SIM card contract, but remember that you're still paying for it somehow. It's worth making sure you spend your money wisely. So let's jump online to see what shiny new wonder in the world of palm-sized gadgets are available to us.

Entry-level phones

If your priority is keeping in touch, then you should probably go for an entry-level phone. And that includes not only making phone calls, but also sending and receiving texts and perhaps not including access to the Internet. If so, there are a number of cheap and simple PAYG phones available from the major networks. Typically, these are priced between £10 and £50. At Carphone Warehouse you can find deals on SIM free mobile phones starting from as little as £10.

Feature phones

The next step up the ladder is the so-called feature phone. Feature phones generally include all the features of the entry-level phones plus limited Internet access. They usually cost between £50 and £110. They may come with built-in social media apps, such as Facebook or Twitter, and with a decent quality camera. Phones4u offers an extensive selection of feature phones and you can compare models and prices online. However, these phones usually support the slower GPRS mobile Internet connection (which is now outdated), so if you want to browse faster the next step is a smart phone.


At Orange you can find all the major brands smart phones from Samsung to Blackberry and iPhone, which come with Pay as you go tariff plans, but be prepared to spend around £100 or more on these smart phones. These phones allow you to install apps and therefore add functionality to your phone. Recently, low cost smart phones come with Android OS and available for just over the £100 mark. Premium smart phones, such as the iPhone and Blackberry, cost significantly higher price of up to £500. They are definitely worth the money as they come with the very best features that you can get on a mobile today — super high resolution screens, HD cameras with video capabilities, etc.

And remember, try before you buy!
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